Tranquil Turbulance This, that and everything in between. Random is as random does. I forgot what I was going to remember. Oppurtunity knocked so I looked through the peephole and decided not to open the door. Escalators don't break they turn into stairs.

"Save Us"

And its all
Ive ever wanted to believe

That peace could grow inside of you

Inspite of me humanity
I hope your out there somewhere

All alone
I hear the whole world calling
Save us from ourselves

All alone i hear the angels scream my name

I look thru the eyes of humanity

I looked at myself
So many things i hate in me
So many things are so hard to

I can hear the whole world calling 

Used to be all that i wanted
You to see all that i needed you
To be does anyone care

About your fellow man
Are you pure enough to hear me out yet

Are you sure enough
That your pure enough to comprehend

Just live forgive and forget

I wanna try this.

Part of me feels like this might be racist. The other part is like…Lolololololol.

Hard than a mofo!

Oh so dope!

Must be dat magic pussy niggas be talkin bout.

He didn’t survive that shit the second time.

MRW my co-worker tries to blame me for shit he fucked up.

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